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Say goodbye to spills and stains!

    Shipping Internationally to the UK, Japan, Switzerland, and Beyond!

    Shipping Internationally to the UK, Japan, Switzerland, and Beyond!

    At The Glass Slipper, we're excited to announce that our innovative wine glass stabilizers are now shipping internationally! No matter where you are in the world, you can enjoy the elegance and practicality of our product, designed to keep your wine glass secure on any surface.

    From the bustling streets of London to the serene landscapes of Japan, the scenic beauty of Switzerland, and beyond, The Glass Slipper is making its way to wine lovers across the globe. We are thrilled to share that our customers in these countries, and many more, are already experiencing the benefits of spill-free sipping.

    Why Choose The Glass Slipper?

    • Innovative Design: Our wine glass stabilizers are not only practical but also stylish, perfect for any occasion.
    • Versatile Use: Whether you're at a picnic, beach outing, camping trip, poolside lounge, or a sophisticated event, The Glass Slipper ensures your glass stays secure.
    • Perfect Gift: With our new summer multicolor sets available for pre-order, The Glass Slipper makes a great gift for wine enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike.

    Pre-Order Now: Don't Miss Out!

    Our new summer multicolor sets are flying off the shelves, and you won't want to miss your chance to get your hands on these vibrant and stylish wine glass stabilizers. Perfect for adding a splash of color to your wine moments, these sets are not only functional but also make a statement.

    Why hurry to pre-order?

    1. Limited Availability: Our summer sets are in high demand and selling fast.
    2. Exclusive Discount: Enjoy 15% off your first purchase with the code "NICETOMEETYOU" at checkout.
    3. Be the First: Ensure you're among the first to experience our latest colors and styles.

    Join Our Global Community

    We're proud to have a growing community of satisfied customers worldwide who appreciate the quality and innovation of The Glass Slipper. Join them and elevate your wine experience today!

    Order now at and enjoy spill-free, stylish sipping wherever you are in the world.

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    Cheers to worry-free wine moments and vibrant summer adventures! 🥂🌍


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